Thursday, 21 July 2016

From the myth about Berghain to the tangible body performer Mad Kate

Digging the internet, I found this pearl of an Arte TRACKS episode from October 2014 which features my report about the myths about Berghain club in Berlin and the tough body and sound performances of Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate. The idea for the Berghain report was not to dismantle any myths around this almost sacred place, so we didn´t film inside the club. All interviews with DJ Tama Sumo, artist Marc Brandenburg and photographer Sven Marquardt have been filmed next door in the exhibition about ten years of club art. (By the way, here is a text I wrote about the catalogue to the exhibition, which is available here.) The report "Mythos Berghain" can be found right at the beginning from minute 0:54 to 07:41, the feature on Mad Kate is in the middle of the show from minute 24:57 until 29:38. Enjoy.
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