Monday, 28 October 2013

Tobago's Sunday School Girls

Wining dance battle

Outside Buccoo Sunday School's ladies restroom
With no doubt these three girls from Crown Point are the hottest of the night.
In her real life Theresa works in a social food project.
She came from Trinidad to spend a long weekend in Tobago.
When I first met Foxy (l.) and Sunshine,
Foxy pointed her bare behind at me, pulling her
G-string almost up to her shoulders.
Innocent Precious and Weenie from Plymouth

On the last sunday in September I went to "Buccoo Sunday School" in Tobago. This event slowly starts around nine, pleasing tourists with some cheasy steel pan covers of Love Boat tunes. Once the tourists are gone, Tobago's youth is taking over. Dressed up like in a music video clip of Charly Black and J. Capri, the ladies show what their mama gave them. Around 3am the party is at it's peak: in a dance battle the girls show who the boss in terms of wining is. In the video above you see little Tanja ending the battle with a brutal move onto the back of her blond rival. And to give an idea about the looks of Tobago's Sunday School girls I took some mobile phone snaps in the ladies restroom.

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