Friday, 22 March 2013

Sober Spring Breaker

When I heard that Harmony Korine is releasing a new movie, I was really looking forward to finally meet the director and screen writer of one of my favorite all time movies Gummo. When I planned my TV shoot I had a mix between the mask wearing freak of his last film Trash Humpers and the drunk Harmony in my mind, that I saw in Gummo. When I finally got to meet him, I was surprised and disappointed about how much this man had changed. The fact that he seems not to take any more drugs is good, because he would probably be dead right now, if he would have continued how he did while writing Kids and Gummo. But he was so square, that he didn´t even want to stay in a Bar for more than two minutes because two people were smoking inside. So I had to change my complete shooting concept from a documentary style bar/Döner tour into just a normal seated interview and EPK material. The result is a tipical TV report that shows exactly what he wants: Him, the "used to be crazy director" as a serious grown up, who now is doing his first steps into mainstream cinema. Congratulations.
Here is the link to the ZDFkultur report.
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