Monday, 28 October 2013

Tobago's Sunday School Girls

Wining dance battle

Outside Buccoo Sunday School's ladies restroom
With no doubt these three girls from Crown Point are the hottest of the night.
In her real life Theresa works in a social food project.
She came from Trinidad to spend a long weekend in Tobago.
When I first met Foxy (l.) and Sunshine,
Foxy pointed her bare behind at me, pulling her
G-string almost up to her shoulders.
Innocent Precious and Weenie from Plymouth

On the last sunday in September I went to "Buccoo Sunday School" in Tobago. This event slowly starts around nine, pleasing tourists with some cheasy steel pan covers of Love Boat tunes. Once the tourists are gone, Tobago's youth is taking over. Dressed up like in a music video clip of Charly Black and J. Capri, the ladies show what their mama gave them. Around 3am the party is at it's peak: in a dance battle the girls show who the boss in terms of wining is. In the video above you see little Tanja ending the battle with a brutal move onto the back of her blond rival. And to give an idea about the looks of Tobago's Sunday School girls I took some mobile phone snaps in the ladies restroom.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Allesreporter Woodkid

Ich habe ganz vergessen meinen mittlerweile dritten Fernsehbericht über den Alleskönner Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid zu posten. Leider ist der Metropolis Beitrag vom 13.04.13, in dem ich mich auf die Frage nach Pathos und Kitsch konzentriert habe, nicht mehr online. Zu sehen ist noch unser Livemitschnitt von "I love You".

Sunday, 24 March 2013

When someone starts a Tumblr blog about Berlin

... someone else starts a Tumblr blog to kick their ass. When You Really Live in Berlin is another point of view on Berlin and the answer to the expat gif Tumblr When You Live in Berlin.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Sober Spring Breaker

When I heard that Harmony Korine is releasing a new movie, I was really looking forward to finally meet the director and screen writer of one of my favorite all time movies Gummo. When I planned my TV shoot I had a mix between the mask wearing freak of his last film Trash Humpers and the drunk Harmony in my mind, that I saw in Gummo. When I finally got to meet him, I was surprised and disappointed about how much this man had changed. The fact that he seems not to take any more drugs is good, because he would probably be dead right now, if he would have continued how he did while writing Kids and Gummo. But he was so square, that he didn´t even want to stay in a Bar for more than two minutes because two people were smoking inside. So I had to change my complete shooting concept from a documentary style bar/Döner tour into just a normal seated interview and EPK material. The result is a tipical TV report that shows exactly what he wants: Him, the "used to be crazy director" as a serious grown up, who now is doing his first steps into mainstream cinema. Congratulations.
Here is the link to the ZDFkultur report.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New American underground music in films

The film crews from "New American Noise" project present the heads behind American underground music today. The beautifully shot ten minute long episodes feature artists such as Mykki Blanco (New York), Deastro (Detroit), Trinidad James (Atlanta), Sissy Nobby (New Orleans) and Sundaze (Portland). So far my favorite film is the New Orleans episode about bounce music and it´s never stopping booty shaking. The only thing I am missing, is that there is not enough music to listen to in one go. I guess I have to go and search online for music video clips of the artists now. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

When it´s sunny in Berlin for more than five minutes

The journalist Josie Thaddeus-Johns from London made a great Tumblr that tells you Berlin clichés in animated gifs and with film stills. Check "When you Live in Berlin" out here.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Year´s Vinyl Resolution

New Year´s resolutions are going well so far. I just bought 25 new records and am visiting all Berlin boiler rooms so far.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Underachieving rapper from New York

Emily Kai Bock produced for Nowness an atmospheric four minute long documentary about New Yorker underground rappers Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, Angel Haze, Mykki Blanco & The Underachievers.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It´s just a unicorn, bruv.

I love unicorns and bikes & this bike selling corner in London is very familiar to me, so this short film made my day. It is written and directed by Ninian Doff and was send to me by Dave the Chimp. Thank you!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cool Kid Danny Brown

I am still catching up with music (events) that I missed in 2012. This video by Danny Brown is one of them.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2012 in music

January: saw Nicolas Jaar and Holy Other live at two amazing Berghain gigs.

February: Never saw so many teenagers with panda masks in such a small room at once like at the Cro concert in the tiny What?! basement club. Not just that I didn´t wear my panda mask in the middle of Berlinale film festival, I also seemed to be the only one who didn´t know the songs by heart.

March & April: The Sound of Silence

May: Grimes rocks, Innergaze know how to disco, a Beastie Boy dies RIP MCA, Death Grips goes Yah

June: Open air barefoot dancing in the sand to Ornette´s Crazy in the Nôze Remix and Pashanga Boys ten minute long track Time

July: Mάρκος Βαμβακάρης - Μαύρα μάτια μαύρα φρύδια

August: SBTRKT is playing in my car, Dru kills Q with The Voice of Dru Remix from  Dr. Q´s 1982 The Voice of Q and Okavango Delta becomes my favorite mix of the year.

September: Acid Pauli carves the edit of Ron Flatter and Nick D-Lite of Red Mystery´s Jetlands into my brain until Âme´s Remix of Howling takes this place. 

October: Still wondering about what the "Sucker boners" Laid Back are saying in Baker Man (Also the the Soulclap Remix doesn´t help to figure it out). Finally got to interview Woodkid´s Yoann Lemoine for Arte Tracks. in exchange Tracks hands over Wavvy by Mykki Blanco.
November: Bruce Springsteen - State Trooper edit by Trentemøller and Cyril Hahn`s Remix of Say My Name are the best morning Yoga songs of the year.

December: Thomalla introduces S O H N, DelsFrancis Bebey & John Talabot to me all at one day. The year rolls out with Frank Ocean´s Pyramid and I almost get Lost in Moroccos waves. 

Plans for 2013: Visit more Boiler Rooms, see S O H N live, listen to more Dub & Reggae, buy more vinyl, listen to more music loud again!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Woodkid Beitrag bei Arte TRACKS

Im Oktober traf ich im Heimathafen Neukölln den französischen Alleskönner Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid. In der Arte Sendung TRACKS vom 05.01.13 lief zum Jahresauftakt der Beitrag. Das Debut-Album erscheint im März bei Universal.
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