Friday, 24 August 2012

Walk is the new dance

Yesterday I saw Sharon Eyal´s dance piece Corps de Walk during Berlin´s Tanz im August festival. I have never seen a dance piece like this before. The combination of the precise group movement, techno beats with animal sounds or Bryan Eno vocals and an amazing make-up and costume concept touched me. The dancers move like one organism until all over sudden one individual pops out and does her thing. Another time they march like soldiers or the whole group moves like an organ. The whole concept has been developed not alone by Sharon Eyal but in a process of improvisation with her, the dancers and her husband and co-choreographer Gai Behar and his best friend, the techno music producer DJ Ori Lichtik. Tonight is the last time that the Norwegian dance company Carte Blanche performs the piece in Germany. Consider yourself lucky if you get a ticket.
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