Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ei, Wad seh ich da

Unter dem Motto RESPONSE:ABILITY lud die diesjährige Transmediale den jungen Japaner Ei Wada mit seiner Performance Braun Tube Jazz Band ein. Die Transmediale erklärt seine Arbeit folgendermaßen: "One day, a spectacular vision popped into Ei Wada`s mind. It was the image of abandoned electrical appliances being played as musical instruments in the streets of a city. Some time later, he accidentally plugged a sound cable into a composite video connector port and the sound was rendered as an image. Seeing this he realised that re-recording the image with a camera and outputting it as an audio signal might reproduce the original sound. With this technique as a starting point, he set up pairings of tube televisions and PC-controlled video decks to correspond with the number of notes in a musical scale, creating a set of gamelan-like percussion instruments. Tapping the TV tubes produces primitive, cosmic electrical music." Besser hätte ich das jetzt nicht erklären können. Club Transmediale und Transmediale laufen noch bis zum 6. Februar. Vor allem die CTM Konzerte am Freitag Abend in der Maria am Ostbahnhof und im Berghain kann ich wärmstens empfehlen.
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