Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Bar25 phenomenon

Instead of going to the office on Monday morning, I wanted to find out more about a very special Berlin phenomenon and cycled towards Ostbahnhof. I paid five Euros and checked in to Bar25 at around 11:29 am. What followed was one of the most fun Mondays ever. DJs such as Red Robbin and Ricardo Villalobos played fine Minimal, sunlight reflected in Spree river and the amount of tourists was less than any other day.

Bar25 is a party institution that celebrated its seventh birthday this year. It will be it's last. In less than six days "Bar", how this dreamy location with the love for crafted details is called, will close for good. BSR press speaker Thümler confirmed that BSR starts the decontamination of the former gas work area in November. In opposition to former court settlements that lead to expand the contract for temporary use (Zwischennutzung), this time Holzmarktstrasse 24 and 25 will definitely both be cleared. The reason is, that BSR can't extend their funds for decontamination any longer. In about two years time the area will be sold to an investor
, Thümler states.

In 05 days 06 hours 39 minutes and 23 seconds one more place that was part of the arty, free and liberal Berlin will be history. By the way, my check out time was 01:35 am, when the party seemed to just get started.

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