Thursday, 26 February 2009

It's a bob: Agyness Deyn's new haircut

In the House of Holland Atumn 2009 show, the Vogue shooting and on the iD cover. Agyness Deyn's new haircut is out. But please Agyness, when will you go back to your Twiggy, that we love you for? Also check: Agyness Deyn in Gareth Pugh's show last year. Via and via

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Macaframa movie screening

The movie Macaframa will be screened in the Lodown gallery "West Berlin" on March 7th at 9pm. The 6€ entrance is a donation to the ECMC2009 that takes place in Berlin from May 28th to June 1st and includes the after party.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Monday, 23 February 2009

Hauptstadthauerei: Kiezboxen in Berlin

Endlich online ist mein Beitrag von der Hauptstadtausgabe der "Night of the Raging Bulls". In dieser Boxveranstaltung prügelten sich Amateure am 24.10.2008 im Festsaal Kreuzberg. Das Publikum ist dem Boxmilieu entsprechend gekleidet. Die Nächste Night of the Raging Bulls findet am 06.03.09 in Wien statt.

Tecno Brega documentary

2007’s Good Copy Bad Copy covers Techo Brega, a remix movement in Brazil. Via

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Pista Viva Tokyo

This year the World Cycling Messenger Championships (CMWC2009) take place in Tokyo in September. Here is a little taste brought to you by

Friday, 20 February 2009

Barouch's Atomic Mass Bi-Cycle

Industrial designer Elad Barouch inveted a Bi-Cycle where both riders can steer and pedal equaly. In the interview with Bike Hacks he explains: "So the idea (...) really came since it was the ultimate way to explain my observation about the way to resolve disputes which is in short, at first we need to establish trust and learn to communicate, then we can start moving forward, once we are moving we can master our communication skills and than that is left is pure fun". If you like the Bi-Cycle click here to see what Elad Barouch calls the See Saw Bike.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

100 Dances, 100 Songs, 100 Places, 100 Outfits = 1 Ely Kim

Ely Kim likes to dance. In less than ten minutes the American graphic design student dances on 100 days in 100 places in 100 outfits to 100 songs in 100 different dance styles. The result he calls Boombox and puts it on Vimeo. The list of songs alone would make a good party: 001. Heart of Glass / Blondie, 002. Jimmy / M.I.A., 005. Je Veux Te Voir / YELLE, 007. Too Young / Phoenix, 009. Stick It To The Pimp / Peaches, 051. Pogo / Digitalism, 057. Kiss / Prince, 058. Tenderness / General Public, 066. AudioTrack 10 / Diplo, 074. Lex / Ratatat, 079. Hardcore Girls / Count and Sinden feat. Rye Rye, 085. Love To Love You Baby / Donna Summer, 086. Steppin' Out / Lo-Fi-Fnk, 099. It's Tricky / D.M.C. and 100. Bizarre Love Triangle / New Order
Dance the Credit Crunch away and check Ely's adorable website

Niels Ruf Show's Vanity Fear Video

Niels Ruf und Vanity Fair - MyVideo

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Vanity Fair (Germany) is dead: Jonathan Newhouse's statement

This is the letter, that chairman of Condé Nast International, Jonathan Newhouse send his Berlin employees this morning. Vanity Fair Germany will be history after the coming issue. I think it is so last year to excuse everything with the credit crunch.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Found Photos of the P2P Generation

In 2004 Rich Vogel was looking for music on Soulseek. Instead of MP3s the 31 year old musician found photos that -most likely- unintentionally landed in the shared folder. He than began specifically searching P2P programs with keywords such as "my pictures" and found thousands of private shots. On his website he began posting compiled albums, sometimes one new album a day. ''I've struggled with the larger moral issues, but what keeps me motivated is how great these photos are -- how much life and spontaneity is in them,'' Rich Vogel says in the New York Times. Thus filtered through Rich Vogel’s view, "Found Photos" gives a great insight into the P2P generation. And with the great amount of party, drinking and aftermath flics, Vogel's collection reminds of the Vice Do's and Dont's.
Click onto the image to see the album.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Berlinale 2009 results

The international jury of the Berlinale 2009 made it's choice. Lead by Tilda Swinton the jury awarded Peruvian Claudia Llosa for her film "La teta asustada" (The Milk Of Sorrow) with the golden bear. The Jury Grand Prix went to Maren Ade`s "Alle Anderen" as well as to "Gigante" by Adrián Biniez. All rewarded films are listed on the Berlinale website. More info in German on or on

Kevin Bacon rides his bike: Quicksilver

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sprengung Funkturm/Richtfunkanlage Frohnau

Er war nur zehn Meter niedriger als der Berliner Fernsehturm. Mit seinen 358,6 Metern war der Funkturm Frohnau Deutschlands vierthöchstes Gebäude. Am vergangenen Sonntag wurde der Turm um 13:09 Uhr gesprengt. Ich habe mir das Spektakel vom Hohenfelder Poloplatz zusammen mit den Kollegen vom RBB angeguckt.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Paragraph §129sk8

Gefunden auf der Seite vom Hamburger Blockparty Meister "Don't play with my YoYo".

Jen Ray "Play Loud" animation video

The American artist Jen Ray made a very cool video in which she animated her drawings. I had visited Jen in her studio last summer for Hobnox. Since then she is working on the concept of a live performance. It will be presented on March 20th at her show opening in Galerie Jan Wentrup. Save the Date!

Monday, 9 February 2009

M.I.A. performs pregnant at Grammy Awards

M.I.A. (in 9th month pregnant), T.I., Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, & Kanye West yesterday performed "Swagga Like Us" at the 51st annual Grammy Awards. M.I.A. promotes in a positive way, that life is not over just because you are pregnant. The father is Benjamin Brewer from the band The Exit with whom she is engaged since summer. Enough gossip.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Copenhagen Fashionweek TV

On you can see videos of all the shows in Copenhagen ten minutes after the show was on. Their A/W fashionweek is from February 4th - February 8th.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Wasted German Walls

The last fashion victims are still in town, while the film fans are rolling in. Wasted German Youth designer Paul Snowden made the poster of the 59th edition of Berlin's film festival. I don't like it, do you?

Holy Michalsky show

Streetclash on "Stil in Berlin"

Streetclash Blogger Dario Natale reports for Stil in Berlin from Paris. Above you can see one of his shots with the cooooool Margiela sunglasses.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Bernhard Willhelm - between fashion and art

Bernhard Willhelm is born in Ulm, studied in Antwerpen, lives and works in Paris and sells most of his clothes to Japan. Usually he would not show in Germany. Definitely not his women's collection. But with his gainless baby, the men's collection, it is different. And since Mercedes paid him a show to give Berlin's Fashion Week a right to exist, he came and the Berlin Fashion Week has it's highlight. Click here to watch the highlight bigger.

Rampenfest - Oberpfaffelbachen's gigantic secret

The story of this "documentary" is, that filmmaker Jeff Schultz visits Bavarian village Oberpfallebachen to find out why the inhabitants are building a gigantic ramp. Looking at the huge white teeth of the protagonists and the mad story, I am pretty sure that this film is not a documentary. But it is done very well. To see the film in a better quality click this link.
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