Monday, 21 December 2009

Upper class entertainment

When the sun has set behind the flower decoration of the Prada store, the many Shanghai based Europeans and upper class Chinese people get ready to party. M1nt (2nd photo) is currently known as "the place to be". Attactions include the huge shareholder terrasse and a shark tank. Together with too many snobby, arrogant Europeans and some rich Chinese kids we danced to "fun" techno re-mixes. It was obvious that the club owners tried hard to make this a "cool" place. But their attemps just made me miss Berlin.
The  third photo shows the after hour club Mao. Here mainly Europeans dance and flirt to Minimal Techno. What I only recognized on the photo are the police men upstairs (right) that are watching the crowd. It's time to check out more underground clubs such as Shelter and L0g0...
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