Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Found Photos of the P2P Generation

In 2004 Rich Vogel was looking for music on Soulseek. Instead of MP3s the 31 year old musician found photos that -most likely- unintentionally landed in the shared folder. He than began specifically searching P2P programs with keywords such as "my pictures" and found thousands of private shots. On his website Foundphotos.net he began posting compiled albums, sometimes one new album a day. ''I've struggled with the larger moral issues, but what keeps me motivated is how great these photos are -- how much life and spontaneity is in them,'' Rich Vogel says in the New York Times. Thus filtered through Rich Vogel’s view, "Found Photos" gives a great insight into the P2P generation. And with the great amount of party, drinking and aftermath flics, Vogel's collection reminds of the Vice Do's and Dont's.
Click onto the image to see the album.
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