Thursday, 30 October 2008

Aaron Rose's The Sads and Beautiful Losers

Watching the little cell phone film above, you might think that this music sounds sad indeed. That is because there is no music. Only the people who were lucky enough to grab one of the 65 headphones can hear the sound of The Sads. My attempt in the end of the film to put my phone in the head phones and give the film a soundtrack didn't work out. Sorry, but it is best to attend one of their gigs yourself to get the full sensation of it.

The Sads is a Art Rock project by Aaron Rose. So talking about Aaron Rose, make sure to see his film Beatiful Losers. The Berlin release is at Nov 7th in Tape Club. Already the trailer makes a cold shower run down my neck... I can't wait to see the whole film.

Candice Breitz in Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin

Yesterday was the second opening of Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin. This museum was build quite spontaneous on the Schloßplatz in front of Platz der Republik in Berlin Mitte. South African born video artist Candice Breitz had the honour to be the first to exhibit.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Brussels Day in Berlin

Christophe Coppens' foldable rain jacket was my highlight at the fashion show during the Brussels Day in BCC.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

How to make a bike polo mallet

Gus from Legit Bike Polo shows the "quick and dirty" way to make a bike polo mallet.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Yes, we can. - Vote Americans, vote!!!!!!!!

Tick tack, tick tack... Time is running. Only 21 days to go until election day at Nov, 4th. That is why Dipdive and made the Barack Obama supporting video "Yes, we can". The answer video is the "John Mc Cain: No you can't" video on Youtube.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Brooklyn Bike Kill Date 2008?

When you look on the (pretty cool) flyers from the last years, you see that the Black Label hosted Bike Kill event usually takes place around the 26th of October. Maybe this year it will be at the 25th. But so far I haven't seen any "official" date for the 2008 event. So if you know, give me a shout. To find out more about what Bike Kill is, check out this film and watch the photos that Tod Seelie took at the last Bike Kill events.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday Sports: Pilze sammeln

Der Grunewald mag nicht das geheimste Waldstück Berlins sein, aber auch hier findet man im Moment essbare Pilze. Ich kann nur empfehlen auch mal von Steinpilzen und Maronen abzulassen und Krause Glucke zu suchen. Denn dieser Pilz (siehe oberes Foto) sieht wahrlich nicht gesund aus. Dieses schwammartige Gewächs findet man vor allem an Kiefern. Das Beste an der Krausen Glucke ist, findet man eine dieses Jahr, kann man sicher sein, dass nächstes Jahr an gleicher Stelle wieder so ein Geschwür am Baum quillt. Auf dem unteren Foto sieht man meinen Pilzespürhund Paul. Der war in seinem vorhergehenden Leben ein Trüffelschwein.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) iNterview

During my roof aerobic class (Schnell & Sauber launderette Aerobic R.I.P.) I asked the girls of the Brasilian band CSS some questions. Watch the iNterview here on Hobnox to get an exclusive Samba instruction and answers by CSS.
Übrigens: am 12.11.08 sind CSS live in der Maria in Berlin...

Friday, 10 October 2008

Banksy's "Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill" in NYC

Yesterday Banksy's first New York show opened. It is a 300 square feet pet store. If you remember older Banksy shows in which he already exhibited painted sheep and cows (London) or an elephant (L.A.), he now goes on exhibiting small pets. But not just any kind of pet... Watch the film. The pet shop is open until Halloween. Via Just and Wooster

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Smoke Kurt Cobain

Saturday is a good day. It is the day of Kurt Cobain's freedom. Australian artist Natascha Stellmach is in behalf of his ashes and rolled them into a spliff. Saturday she will smoke what is left of Kurt Cobain together with eight people in a private and top secret location in Berlin. Of course no media is allowed. Because Media together with Courtney Love killed Kurt. With her installation "Set Me Free" the artist can already look back onto one big success: Courtney Love revealed herself as a liar. After releasing press texts that said that the ashes got stolen from her Hollywood home in May, her publicist Alan Nierob now negated everything in Gigwise.
If you want to be part of the liberating ceremony, you can apply to smoke Kurt with sending an Email to: More info here: Galerie Wagner und Partner

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Bonaparte played Torstraße 166

Berlin band Bonaparte have thought about how hard it could be when your girlfriend knows too much. This gig took place yesterday in the temporary art house "Haus der Vorstellung". On friday MotorFM are throwing a party there. Entrance is 3€. After sunday all the art wil be removed.

Berliner Morgenpost, 25. September 2008

Friday, 3 October 2008

Agyness Deyn's new haircut Spring 2009

Girls, you can stop cutting off your hair. British top model Agyness Deyn stopped as well. Her platin blond Pixie is so last season, she is now back with the Bob. These photos show her presenting the Spring 2009 collections by Michael Kors, House of Holland and Burberry Porsum. And by the way, if you remember my post from June, I did well with not getting her haircut, because now Agyness gets mine. But letting it grow takes longer than just a visit at the hairdresser, as we all know. So: "Go Agyness, Go Agyness!" I am curious where her hair growing journey will lead us to.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My scene sucks

Williamsburg Hipster, Orgcore Punker or Brootal Kid: Graphic designer Rob Dobi spend his time categorizing, characterising and drawing the (in)different Scensters. For him it all started 2001 when he found the site How to dress Emo. He realised that "everyone seems to be involved in some sort of strange contest where the winner wears the tightest jeans, puts on the silliest looking makeup, and sports the worst haircut. In the end, everyone loses. You all end up looking the same". Bad news for Hipsters, good news for Rob Dobi. His illustrations and describtions of the urban tribes were published as a book. Dobi's latest clue is his site "My scene sucks". Just send him photos, a list of your favorite bands and bookmarks and Dobi illustrates, describes and categorizes you. Who dares first?
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