Friday, 11 July 2008

Rap History Class

More fun than Grandma(ster) Flash's staged performance was the Rap History class that I attended last night. In the University of Bohannon students gather to learn about HipHop. Each month the professors (K-Boogie, Marc Hype, Sven Huzr, Dejoe and Scientist) teach one year. Yesterday it was the eighth year: 1987. With reading material (photo above) in the library and listening sessions in the auditorium, the full scale of Rap History is being examined. Body moving to the beat is highly recommended to experience the entire process of applied Rap Studies. However good the dancing skills, they don't help to pass the exam. Before 2am students have to turn in their papers. Good students are allowed to take home the history book and can bring a friend next time, at Thursday, the 14th of August when the year 1988 is being taught. Hardcore nerds can start studying now with the help of Rap History's MySpace.
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