Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Today I love football

This post goes out to all the fathers in the world. At least to mine, because he loves football. I love it today and know that he is happy to hear that his daughter is leading (together with Breitbach) her 21-people-Euro-2008-kicktipp-group.
As a teenager I loved football for smoking weed for the first time and watching boys. What (was) counted at the end of a St. Pauli game back then, was new phone numbers. Talking about FC St. Pauli... the Nike Dunk Hi FC St. Pauli sneaker was in the shops ten days ago. Because it is limited to 500 pairs, by now it is probably sold out. But that's OK. Because for me this Nike-FC. St. Pauli sponsoring deal does not feel right anyways. St. Pauli should stay a bid more punk.
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