Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Haircut of the day: Agyness Deyn

Me with my old and new haircut - boring!!
Facehunter photo from Stockholm
Facehunter photo from São Paulo
Facehunter photo from Glasgow
Facehunter photo from Stockholm
No, I didn't do it. But my fashionista friend Friederike already has her Agyness Deyn cut since the London Fashion Week. And when Friederike splits up with her ginger hair for the sake of a model, it is not because she is a fan. It is a trend. Yesterday at my hairdresser Daido, I told him that I am considering this haircut, where the fringe is long and it is short at the sides and in the back.. . He nearly freaked out because he is so bored to cut the Agyness. During the last weeks most of the Mitte Schnitten (Berlin Mitte Girls) waved a photo of Agyness at him as soon as they sat down. Street style Blogs like Facehunter confirm that it is not just a London or Berlin phenomenon. Agyness makes the girls get bold (well, nearly). In the end I decided to wait a bit longer and Daido was more than happy that he got to cut a symmetric bob - for a change.
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