Monday, 30 June 2008

Mike Sacks: Photos of American TV

On PMH's Blog Le Dilly I found this Link to Mike Sacks homepage. He writes for McSweeney's and Vanity Fair and he takes photos of American TV.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Who cares about football if there is Ladiez Bike Polo?

In one day working it up from (hopeless) beginners to Berliner Meister is a great achievement. Team red won. It was great. I'll be back (says Juli Schwarzenegger) next Saturday, the 5th at 3pm for the third Ladiez Bike Polo Berlin gathering. Check out more photos on Flickr and for inspiration the MySpace page of London's Ladies Bike Polo Team Trixie Chix.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

N.E.R.D Live im Roten Salon

Gestern war mal wieder so ein Freitag Abend. Ohne Plan mit einem Galeriebesuch gestartet, landete ich erst bei der Filmvorführung von "How do I look" im Glaspavillion und schließlich bei der MySpace Secret Show von N.E.R.D in Mittes neuer Disco-Sauna "Roter Salon". Hätte Pharrell nicht am Ende sein nazimäßiges "Who Will be the President of the United States? And now Silence" Spiel gespielt, dann hätte ich an dieser Stelle glatt mal wieder eine neue Blogrubrik gestartet. Die hätte dann geheißen: "Männer die ich nicht von der Bettkante stoßen würde". Tja Pharrell. Wahnsinn war dein Konzert trotzdem. Hier ist noch ein besserer Gig-Clip auf Daily Motion.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sunday: Ladies Bike Polo in Berlin

This post goes out to all the ladies in Berlin. This sunday is Ladies Bike Polo. You don't have to have a clue about what Bike  Polo is to be at Wassertorplatz in Kreuzberg at 12h. More photos from last week (the first ever girls bike Polo meeting in Berlin) are on Flickr.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Haircut of the day: Agyness Deyn

Me with my old and new haircut - boring!!
Facehunter photo from Stockholm
Facehunter photo from São Paulo
Facehunter photo from Glasgow
Facehunter photo from Stockholm
No, I didn't do it. But my fashionista friend Friederike already has her Agyness Deyn cut since the London Fashion Week. And when Friederike splits up with her ginger hair for the sake of a model, it is not because she is a fan. It is a trend. Yesterday at my hairdresser Daido, I told him that I am considering this haircut, where the fringe is long and it is short at the sides and in the back.. . He nearly freaked out because he is so bored to cut the Agyness. During the last weeks most of the Mitte Schnitten (Berlin Mitte Girls) waved a photo of Agyness at him as soon as they sat down. Street style Blogs like Facehunter confirm that it is not just a London or Berlin phenomenon. Agyness makes the girls get bold (well, nearly). In the end I decided to wait a bit longer and Daido was more than happy that he got to cut a symmetric bob - for a change.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Idiotarod 2008 (Hipster Olympics Edition)

As an answer to the last year's hipster olympics this year the Idiotarod took place.

Item of the day: Chanel bicycle

Coco Chanel had a love for sport. Reason enough to design a Chanel bike. Priced at 6200 Pounds, you better lock this black baby well. It is hand finished with the quilted handbag look and decorated with Chanel's double C logo. Now imagine Karl Lagerfeld riding it down the block...

Friday, 20 June 2008

Cube statt Schloss: Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin

Seit zwei Wochen wird vor dem Palast der Republik gegraben. Statt des geplanten Schlosses, entsteht hier eine Kunsthalle - erstmal. Denn ab dem Tag der Eröffnung - am 17. Oktober - tickt auch schon die Zeitbombe. Zwei Jahre lang haben die OrganisatorInnen Zeit, die acht geplanten Ausstellungen in den 600qm durchzuziehen. Die Außenwand wird bereits ab September bespielt. Gerwald Rockenschaub wird die auf dem Modell abgebildete Wolke zeigen. Und woher weiß ich das alles? Weil die Zeitschrift Style100 jetzt eine supersuper neue Webseite hat. Auf dieser Seite blogt die Redaktion Neuigkeiten wie diese und veröffentlicht Inhalte aus dem Heft. Danke dafür!

Uncensored and out now: Nobuyoshi Araki Interview

Check out this report before it gets taken offline again and pixeled. This interview with Japan's world famous bondage photographer Nobuyoshi Araki took place last month in Berlin's Jablonka gallery. He was in Berlin for the opening of his Kinbaku show. The 100 tied up women are not every one's business. And also for me really hard to look at sometimes. But hey, these women queued up for five years to get tied up by Araki. This is what he says in the interview with a smile on his face, at least. In the report you will see great footage from Travis Klose's documentary "Arakimentary". So feel free to check out how Araki works and what a crazy character he is.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Green Fashion with Katharine E. Hamnett

Sexy + no hemp + + no wool +++ organic cotton ++ Premium exhibition ++++Berlin + G-Living +++ Lohas ++ Bllack Noir +++ Denmark ++ CSR ++ charity ++ Environmental Justice Foundation ++ Katharine Hamnett ++ designer +++ political Slogan ++++ T-Shirt + Whamp! ++ Frankie says Relax ++ copy ++ House of Holland + T-Shirt +++ Worldwide Nuclear Ban Now ++++ Mali +++ Fashion ++++++ Trend +++ EJF +++ Watch + Now +

Bumblebeez in Scala

Saturday the Australian HipHop combo Bumblebeez rocked with one of the worst sounds that I heard in a long time. It wasn't their fault. Scala is more of a club, than a concert place. Apart from that their gig was energetic. Pia Colonna - also known as ViLa - jumped around rapping, her brother Chris played with the Mic and the drummer made the crowd jump up. Their current little hit is called Rio and you can hear it on their MySpace. If you are into tennis and bumps, check their Come Ova video. And call me a racist if you want, because I say now that their music sounds like typical white HipHop.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hair of the day: Nagi Noda Fox

To have a real blog, I need not just the category "item of the day", but also something like "hair I wish to have today". So today I would like to have a Nagi Noda Fox. If your name is Elephant, Rabbit or Lion, check out this Japanese artists' homepage in the category "hair hats" for your ideal haircut.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Today I love football

This post goes out to all the fathers in the world. At least to mine, because he loves football. I love it today and know that he is happy to hear that his daughter is leading (together with Breitbach) her 21-people-Euro-2008-kicktipp-group.
As a teenager I loved football for smoking weed for the first time and watching boys. What (was) counted at the end of a St. Pauli game back then, was new phone numbers. Talking about FC St. Pauli... the Nike Dunk Hi FC St. Pauli sneaker was in the shops ten days ago. Because it is limited to 500 pairs, by now it is probably sold out. But that's OK. Because for me this Nike-FC. St. Pauli sponsoring deal does not feel right anyways. St. Pauli should stay a bid more punk.

Item of the day: Barbie bike

Celebrities want it, you have it. The Barbie bike is the absolute must have this summer. It is small, compact and its yellow-purple-red stripes fit your flowerpower printed dress. (That you already bought, I hope). Order it not at Amazon or Ebay, steal it from your next door neighbour's daughter. She will understand - one day at least, when she knows what an item of the day is.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

London Fashion Week A/W '08: Noki NHS

Yeah it's online! The report about artist and designer Jonathan "JJ" Hudson aka Noki. He showed at Fashion East during London Fashion Week Autum/Winter 2008 in February. His show rockkkkeedd. The report is on Hobnox.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Ting Tings iNterview

The Ting Tings are a one hit wonder with three singles. What else this British "That's not my name" duo is, you can check out in the iNterview.

Mash: Fixed-Gear San Fransisco Bike Movie

On Saturday, June 7th 23:30, the movie "Mash" has it's German premiere in Bar25. This film by Gabe Morford and Mike Martin is about fixed-gear cycling. Fixed-gear bikes or fixed-wheel bikes do not have the ability to coast. That means no freewheel mechanism, that means breaking only works with shifting the rider's weight to the front. That means extreme gnarlyness. And since San Fransisco is known as being the capital of fixed-gear riding, Mash is now the movie to prove this.
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