Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Street Art on Tate Modern

It is nothing new that Street Art goes Fine Art. An original Banksy easily costs you more than a Warhol. Art dealers, collectors and celebrities like Christina Arrgguilera are going wild for what used to be the street's own. To proof that Street Art arrived in the art world this week London's Tate Modern opens it's Street Art exhibition. And because it is still called STREETArt, they commissioned Os Gemeos and Nunca from São Paulo, Blu from Bologna, Faile from New York, JR from Paris, Nuria and El Tono from Madrid and Sixeart from Barcelona to paint their iconic river façade. Since I could not make it to London this week, I posted a photo from Romanywg's Flickr photostream with Sixeart, JR and Faile's work. Check out his Flickr for the Blu and Os Gemeos paintings.
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