Saturday, 10 May 2008

Space is the Place: Discos Capablancas first release

This is what we were waiting for: Discos Capablanca. The record label from Hugo Capablanca aka DJ Fuck Hugo, released it's first vinyl. 500 limited, hand silkscreened and numbered records with artwork by Andreas Golder (White Cube Gallery, London). The unicorn logo is designed by Nomad. When you put the needle on the record you get to hear tropical cosmic disco in slomo. The bass weights you through a journey accompanied by a Marimba (or something more Caribian than that). You can listen to Hugos and T.Keelers rework of the track "Jungle" by Grackle on Discos Capablanca's Myspace. There you also find a contact where you can order one of the precious limited edition.
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