Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Swap, Baby, Swap

In the last two weeks 250 fashionistas brought more than 1500 designer items into Berlin's first Visa Swap Shop. Tomorrow at twelve the big counter strike begins. Until Saturday people can exchange their gathered points on their Visa swap cards into an item of their dreams. Godmother of the German swap shop is countess Celia von Bismarck (on the photo).

Who didn't bring anything into the Berlin Swap Shop, should start to go through their wardrobe now. In London's Convent Garden the next Visa Swap Shop will open at June 21st.

Anyone who doesn't need an institution for exchanging clothes, can organize a swap party at home with friends. It's a great way of getting new clothes in a political correct way. Yes, conventional cotton is evil. It involves force labour, child labour and people die due to the pesticides. More about that on the EJF homepage. O.K. back to clothes swapping: Do it, it's fun and of course your wallet will thank you for it.
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