Monday, 21 April 2008

Answers in Istanbul

After three days in Istanbul I still have many questions and some answers. Question: "If this is the guitar shopping street here and the lamp street is close by, you must have an enormous shoe shopping street. Where is it?" Answer: "No English." Question: "Why is everyone squeezing in to go fishing on this bridge here, while the next bridge close by is empty?" Answer: "No English."

Question: "Where is the gentrificated part of town with galleries and designer shops?" The answer to this question my sister found out: In Beyoğlu follow the guitar street up the hill , then turn right in the always super crowded Istiklal Cadesi and turn right into the cute Yeniçarşı Cadesi. Another answer I got to the question why turkish men have a flat skull. This is not some genetic defect it's a beauty ideal. Parents bed their male babies between two pillows until their back of the head is flat. Another answer to a question I didn't even ask: It is not a flash mob when 200 mosque visitors carry their shoes in carrier bags.

And an answer to everyone who reads this text: Yes, Istanbul is a very cool city to visit. It is beautiful with it's hills and water everywhere. And it is amazing that you can walk three blocks and the atmosphere changes 100%. You can be in a shopping street with MAC and Adidas store and walk three blocks to end up in a marked whith women in headscarf and the hustle and bustle as if you are in an arabic country.
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