Friday, 4 April 2008

5th Berlin biennial for contemporary art

Opening today, the 5th Berlin biennial will run until the 15th of June under the name "When things cast no shadow". The motto is "Day and Night". The permanent day exhibition takes place in Kunst-Werke, Schinkel Pavillion, Skulpturenpark Berlin Zentrum and in Neue Nationalgalerie. From what I saw in the day program I particularly liked Susan Hiller's sound installation in Skulpturenpark Berlin Zentrum (you have to go and check it out is all I can say) and the photos by Kohei Yoshiyuki in Kunst-Werke. Like the photo that you see in this post, all the photos are from his 1971 series "The Park" and show lovers and voyeurs in Tokyo's parks.

The night program starts today and is enormous: 63 events, featuring around 80 artists and thinkers. Many of the events are curated by artists. I am looking forward to the performance "Bag Lady" by Pilvi Takala. She will carry a transparent plastic bag full of cash through Alexa shopping mall at wednesday, the 9th between five and ten pm. You can find the full list of events here when you click on the calendar in the top right of the site.
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