Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Nobuyoshi Araki in Jablonka gallery

With this photo I am just giving you a little tiny taste what to expect in my report on Hobnox about Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. In Jablonka gallery in Berlin you can see 100 of his Kinbaku (Bondage) photos. The exhibition runs from May 3rd until 14th of June.

Style100 May issue

A few weeks ago I showed the photographer from the Style100 sunglasses photo shoot, Andreas Mühe, at work. Now the magazine is out and it's time to reveal which modell I am wearing. In German you could call the modell "Brett vorm Kopf". But no, the real name is "Samantha", they are designed by Australian sunglasses designer AM EYEWEAR and I'd love to wear them again.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday sports: Bike Polo

There is Polo and there are bikes. The two joined together make a thriving game, called Bike Polo. With rules, such as feet can't touch the ground, it's not the most easy game, but fun. Berlin Bike Polo players received me and my old Brasilian Cecil bike with open arms. And yes, this sport is a very good substitute for Golf Dance. Boys, be aware the green tank and it's lady rider will be back!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Aende bike before and after

Remember my post about my courier friend and his gnarly bike crash in London? Well, I promised to post a photo of his wrecked Aende bike (designed by Pongo Braithwaite). Here it is. Outch! His legs looked a little like his bike after he got run over by a truck. What is most important of all is that he is out of hospital and getting better every day. The other day he even went out to the Rapha Rock n Roller extravaganza. The London courier Blog Moving Target reported on the crash.
Don't let this post stop you from getting your bike out and get wild out there. Here in Berlin the sun is shining and I can't wait to hit the road.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Swap, Baby, Swap

In the last two weeks 250 fashionistas brought more than 1500 designer items into Berlin's first Visa Swap Shop. Tomorrow at twelve the big counter strike begins. Until Saturday people can exchange their gathered points on their Visa swap cards into an item of their dreams. Godmother of the German swap shop is countess Celia von Bismarck (on the photo).

Who didn't bring anything into the Berlin Swap Shop, should start to go through their wardrobe now. In London's Convent Garden the next Visa Swap Shop will open at June 21st.

Anyone who doesn't need an institution for exchanging clothes, can organize a swap party at home with friends. It's a great way of getting new clothes in a political correct way. Yes, conventional cotton is evil. It involves force labour, child labour and people die due to the pesticides. More about that on the EJF homepage. O.K. back to clothes swapping: Do it, it's fun and of course your wallet will thank you for it.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Answers in Istanbul

After three days in Istanbul I still have many questions and some answers. Question: "If this is the guitar shopping street here and the lamp street is close by, you must have an enormous shoe shopping street. Where is it?" Answer: "No English." Question: "Why is everyone squeezing in to go fishing on this bridge here, while the next bridge close by is empty?" Answer: "No English."

Question: "Where is the gentrificated part of town with galleries and designer shops?" The answer to this question my sister found out: In Beyoğlu follow the guitar street up the hill , then turn right in the always super crowded Istiklal Cadesi and turn right into the cute Yeniçarşı Cadesi. Another answer I got to the question why turkish men have a flat skull. This is not some genetic defect it's a beauty ideal. Parents bed their male babies between two pillows until their back of the head is flat. Another answer to a question I didn't even ask: It is not a flash mob when 200 mosque visitors carry their shoes in carrier bags.

And an answer to everyone who reads this text: Yes, Istanbul is a very cool city to visit. It is beautiful with it's hills and water everywhere. And it is amazing that you can walk three blocks and the atmosphere changes 100%. You can be in a shopping street with MAC and Adidas store and walk three blocks to end up in a marked whith women in headscarf and the hustle and bustle as if you are in an arabic country.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Lagerfeld on 99stories

The complete conversation between style icon and designer Karl Lagerfeld and advertiser Amir Kassaei is online on Hobnox. In case your german is good, check this Link:

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday: Church of Make and Do: Tie Dye confession

Sunday is the day we go to church - to the Church of Make and Do, hosted by Sue Denim from the band Robots in Disguise. This sunday we didn't knit, draw and sew. Instead we tied, splattered wax and dyed. Here are some flics. If you are smart, you can make your "How to tie dye" conclusion out of them - and than... tie dye some stuff yourself.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Le Meister in Berlin

This weekend Karl Lagerfeld was in Berlin to talk on stage to Amir Kassaei from DDB at the Art Directors Club Germany (ADC) congress. Guess who talked to Mr. Lagerfeld afterwards?

Monday, 7 April 2008

Hyper! Hyper!

Faster. Harder. Scooter.
How much is the fish?
The question is: What is the question?
You know what? I don't know either.

Friday, 4 April 2008

5th Berlin biennial for contemporary art

Opening today, the 5th Berlin biennial will run until the 15th of June under the name "When things cast no shadow". The motto is "Day and Night". The permanent day exhibition takes place in Kunst-Werke, Schinkel Pavillion, Skulpturenpark Berlin Zentrum and in Neue Nationalgalerie. From what I saw in the day program I particularly liked Susan Hiller's sound installation in Skulpturenpark Berlin Zentrum (you have to go and check it out is all I can say) and the photos by Kohei Yoshiyuki in Kunst-Werke. Like the photo that you see in this post, all the photos are from his 1971 series "The Park" and show lovers and voyeurs in Tokyo's parks.

The night program starts today and is enormous: 63 events, featuring around 80 artists and thinkers. Many of the events are curated by artists. I am looking forward to the performance "Bag Lady" by Pilvi Takala. She will carry a transparent plastic bag full of cash through Alexa shopping mall at wednesday, the 9th between five and ten pm. You can find the full list of events here when you click on the calendar in the top right of the site.
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