Saturday, 8 March 2008

Dances with trucks

You ever got run over by a truck? I didn't - Thank god I never had any serious accident. My friend from London got run over by a truck last monday and survived. In fact all that happened is that his legs look now as if he played Alex Kintner in Jaws. One of the first things he said to me after his operations is that his bike is wrecked. It was a very rare 80's AENDE low profile frame. Apparently a guy called Pongo Braithwaite build this frame in a small garage in Nottingham. A shame that he only build a few of them for test reasons. And if rumours are correct Pongo took of to the Philipines in 1990 and died there soonafter. My friend's golden Aende frame was the bomb. I took this photo some months ago. The bike definately looks better there than it does now. Let's keep his Aende in memory as one of London's fastest and definately most stylish courier bikes.
Aende R.I.P.
E get better soon.

Here is a Link to a report on E and his crash on the Courier site "Moving Target".
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